BILD Calgary Region – What is BILD?

W What is BILD Calgary Region?

B BILD Calgary Region is the respected voice of the building industry in Calgary and the Region.
P Programs include

  • Builder/Realtor Program – This program promotes the cooperation between Realtors and Builders on sales of new products and is advantageous for both industry members and the common clients that they serve
  • Builders Watch Program – The Builders Watch Program is operated jointly by BILD Calgary and the Calgary Police Services. Its purpose is to lower crim and to help builders/suppliers save money and time not having to replace materials stolen or vandalized.
  • BILD Calgary Region Foundation – Incorporated in 1986, its focus is shelter related and its mandate is to construct or assist in the construction of housing for people who need shelter. Resources such as staff, office space, and equipment are generously donated by the BILD Calgary Region. The board of directors, as well as fundraising and committee organizers, are all volunteers.
  • COR/SECOR – The Certificate of Recognition (COR) or SECOR (Small Employers Certificate of Recognition) in safety is issued to employees who develop and implement health and safety programs that meet established standards
  • RenoMark – The RenoMark Program identifies renovation contractors who are members of the BILD Calgary Region and adhere to an additional renovation-specific code of conduct. Members of the RenoMark Program provide warranties, understand the value of customer service, and continually educate themselves regarding current trends, materials, and regulations.
  • BILD Calgary Region Awards – The BILD CR Awards celebrates the most creative and professional work in the Calgary home building industry. Introduced in 1986, the BILD Awards recognize quality products and accomplishments. The BILD CR Awards promote innovation in technical design, service, sales & marketing, and continually raising the bar to benefit the industry, consumers and the communities we build and serve.
  • Smarter Growth Initiative – Calgary is one of the fastest-growing cities in North America. A smart approach to growth will ensure that we continue to be one of the most livable cities in the world.
Regional municipalities Government relations and advocacy –BILD Calgary Region works closely with government partners on key policies and issues that affect development, building and homeownership.
  • Pilot project opportunities
  • Best practices
  • Input on policy creation
  • Collaboration/Working committees with regional municipalities

BILD Calgary Region has been working hard and continues to work towards improving our relationship and impact with The City of Calgary and surrounding municipalities. The association is regarded as the go-to resource for government officials on housing, land development and renovation issues.

  • Provincial and National advocacy and government relations–BILD Calgary Region members automatically become members of the Canadian Home Builders’ Association (CHBA) –Alberta and CanadianHome Builders Association. Each tier of the Association works with the government at their level. And because many housing issues involve multiple levels of government, we frequently collaborate to ensure a consistent approach towards real solutions that will benefit our members and consumers.
  • Network of companies near and far -Members are connected to a national membership made up of over 8,500 companies, a provincial membership made up of over 1,500 companies, and a local membership made up of over 700 companies–including home builders, renovators, land developers, trade contractors, product and material manufacturers, building product suppliers, lending institutions, insurance providers, consultants and service professionals.
  • Professional Development –BILD Calgary Region members benefit from numerous opportunities through association initiatives including, but not limited to:
    • Timely speaker events that cover topics and issues that are top of mind for builders and renovators.
    • BILD Calgary Region bulletins that are sent out as information arises and cover topics on policy, technical information, opportunities and changes important to builders and renovators.
    • A monthly newsletter provides an update on association work and industry information.
Smarter Growth Initiative (SGI) –SGI is an education tool the association has created to help breakdown myths and help stakeholders understand various topics on building and development. The most recent SGI publication is called ‘Dirt to Door,’ a book that demonstrates the development process in Calgary and what it takes to get from dirt to Door’.
Positive member recognition –BILD Calgary Region is continually working towards fostering positive recognition around the building and development industry. SGI is a great tool for that, and we strongly suggest you visit the SGI website for more information.
Builder and renovator members have opportunities to take part in association recognition programs, including, but not limited to
  • RenoMark™ program –members of the BILD Calgary Region that perform or provide materials for renovations as part of their scope of work can qualify to be part of the RenoMark™ program and operate under the RenoMark™ brand. The high standards and credibility of the RenoMark™ program are powerful marketing tools for you.
  • Renovation and Infill Tours –builder and renovator members may submit projects annually to be recognized in renovation and infill tours which promote their projects to the consumer.
  • Event sponsorship –by sponsoring an event, companies have an opportunity to get their name in front of a targeted audience.
  • BILDAwards–the most prestigious annual awards in the Calgary and region home building industry, recognizing the innovation and excellence of member companies.
  • Membership Directory–all of the BILD Calgary Region members in one place, produced yearly including the key person, address, phone, fax, email, and web site address, where available.

Currently, BILD Calgary Region is working on the following:

  • Developing a builder licensing regime in Alberta
  • Mortgage rules and housing affordability
  • Land supply and costs and the effect on housing affordability
  • Inclusionary zoning/housing
  • Municipal Government Act (MGA) and City Charters
  • The certainty of land and lot supply
  • Energy Code 9.36 and expediting the permit process
  • Strategic partnership with The City of Calgary
  • Process improvements –red tape, unnecessary delays, confusing application processes
  • Public awareness