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Altadore is an upscale inner-city community in the city of Calgary. Infills are popular in this area because of the relative closeness to the downtown city centre. Crowchild trail also easily connects this community North and South. Located West of The Elbow River, and East of Crowchild Trail.
Bankview Calgary is located in the South West Quadrant in the city of Calgary and is one of the oldest communities in the city, established in 1908. Banview 17th Avenue and 14th Street. One of the city's oldest neighbourhoods sitting on a hill, it provides panoramic views of the city.
Bel-Aire is a Calgary Community established in the 1950s, it is one of the oldest and most luxurious inner-city communities in Calgary. It is located next to the Calgary Golf and Country Club and the Glenmore Reservoir, residents of Bel-Aire has the luxury of breathtaking views of the city and views of the Canadian Rockies.
Britannia is a small but affluent community in the city of Calgary. It is an estate inner city community in the South West Quadrant of the city bounded by other infill/luxury communities including Elboya, Windsor Park, and Elbow Park.
Cliff Bungalow
Cliff Bungalow is a fantastic community in the South West quadrant of the City of Calgary. Popular for young professionals, this community has all the cafes, pubs and restaurants along both Trendy 17th Avenue SW and 4th Street (Mission). The main streets that Cliff Bungalow is bordered by are 4th Street SW and 17th Avenue. And the South border of this community touches the Elbow River.
Currie | Currie Barracks
For over 100 years, this area now known as Currie, played an important role in the growth of Canada.History of the Community:In 1911, the site was first designated by the government of Canada for military use. It becomes home to practice maneuvers in the days prior to World War I.
Elbow Park
Elbow Park is one of the oldest communities and wealthiest communities in the city of Calgary. Communities that surround Elbow Park are also wealthy communities including: Britannia, Elboya, Rideau Park, Cliff Bungalow, Lower Mount Royal, South Calgary, and Altadore.
Elboya is one of the top luxury estate communities in the city of Calgary. It is wedged between the residential communities of Parkhill, Windsor Park and Britannia. Macleod Trail South and Elbow Drive are the main corridors in and out of the community.
Erlton is an Inner-city Calgary Infill Community. It is located just south of the community of Mission. The community is bound by the Elbow River, Mission road to the South, and Spiller Road to the East. Macleod Trail runs right through the community of Erlton. Repsol Sports Centre (formerly Talisman Centre or Lindsay Park) is a state of the art sports recreation center in the city of Calgary.
Garrison Green
Garrison Green is a SW Calgary community. Located in the South West Quadrant of the city, Garrison Green is conveniently accessed on the corner of Glenmore Trail near Crowchild Trail SW. Garrison Green is a tiny community mainly consisting of large commercial buildings, a pocket of retail strip and around the corner from Mount Royal University.
Garrison Woods
Garrison Woods is one of Calgary's newer inner city communities. We consider it an infill community because of the approximate location to downtown, easy access via Crowchild Trail and Glenmore Trail. Garrison woods is a fairly new community, built in the early 2000s.
Glamorgan is a community in the South West quadrant of the city of Calgary. It is on the border of where Sarcee Trail turns into Glenmore Trail. The community is bounded by Glenmore Trail and Richmond Road to the North/South, and 37th Street and Sarcee Trail to the East/West.
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