If you want to sell your home to a builder, here is some information you need to know!

D Do you have a older home that was built before 1950s in one of the inner-city communities indicated in our Communities page? https://calgaryinfillsguide.com/calgary-infills-communities-neighbourhoods-attached-detached-infills-duplex-calgary-innercity-infills-for-sale-new-infill-luxury-homes/

I It will require a lot of work to sell a house in a traditional method. It can be costly to redevelop your home, update the windows, furnace, kitchen, bathrooms can cost upwards of $30-$80,000 depending on the extensive amount of work. Let alone the cost of selling your home to potentially need to stage the property.

T There are many possible types of buyers that may want your home:
  1. 1. A builder that sees the value in your area and want to tear down your home immediately. They may or may not want to take possession right away. Sometimes they may want a term to allow for a development permit to be put in place prior to possession as it can take months for the city to approve the permits (6-8 weeks is typically the fastest)
  2. The second type of buyer of your home could be a builder that does not want to develop the property immediately. They may want to hold and rent out the property until they have the time to build the property, or a possibility to find the perfect buyer. They want to know approximately what the rents would go for in the area; if there is a possibility to suite the basement or if it is already suited. If it is legally or illegally suited.
  3. An investor that wants to build a new home for themselves or for investment
  4. A buyer that wants to purchase your property for their own use, they may decide to fix up the home or even add an addition or demolish to redevelop.

R Regardless of whatever the next buyer decides to do, if you are ready to sell, find out what your value of your home will be. Talk to a qualified real estate professional.

T Tips to selling your home:

  1. Know that the value of your home fluctuates with the real estate market. Finding the absolute best time to sell your home can be difficult to time the market. Waiting for the market to recover could delay your future plans. You may be waiting for another few years.
  2. Know that Builders want a deal for your property, and you want to sell your home for the highest possible dollar. Thinking that cutting out the real estate fees will save you money will be difficult without a home evaluation. They also know the market value for your home, thinking you will sell for top dollar to a builder when it could be more beneficial to put on MLS and get you the best deal possible.
  3. Be sure to provide rental information if you have it. Typically, people want to know if it is an investment; if it is livable; or if it is a teardown. The home still would have value even if they are ready to tear it down.
  4. Certain inner-city areas have widespread of the resale prices of older homes, factors such as zoning, lot size, set backs, utility service lines, alley, parks, schools, main street vs quiet street will really matter.
T Talk to us if you are thinking of selling your home, talk to us about a no-obligation free home evaluation. We will go through what your home would sell for in the current market conditions

A Always get advice from a qualified professional about financing your new home, contact us at info@calgaryinfillsguide.com to be referred to our specialists that will provide you with the best information with moving forward with your project needs.