Calgary Infills Guide presents home safety tips for your home.

C Calgary is the 4th major city in Canada at approximately 1.2 million people. Crime is inevitable. Living inner-city, there is a larger rate of incidences of crime due to the proximity to the downtown core. All neighbourhoods have crime and there is no escaping it in any community that you live in. However, there are a few things that you can do to be safer in your neighbourhood

D Did you know that the City of Calgary has an online crime map to view what has happened in your neighbourhood?

T The 2018 index of global livability compiled by The Economist Intelligence Unit has the Alberta city ranked behind the Austrian city of Vienna, Melbourne in Australia, and Osaka, Japan. The placement is slightly improved from last year’s report, when Calgary ranked fifth. Calgary has finished in fourth place in an annual ranking of the world’s most livable cities. Meaning that we are a popular draw for people wanting to move to a city that is safe. With a bigger population, means more capacity strain on our healthcare system and our city’s emergency responders (EMS, police, fire)

T Here are some tips to protect your home from unwanted intruders.

  • Have a monitored home security system: lots of companies offer great systems and with technology improving, you can monitor your home even while you are away.
  • Exterior lighting and motion detectors can minimize transient people looking for entry or hanging around for a long time.
  • Don’t leave extra keys under doormats or in potted plants/under rocks by the entrance way.
  • Ensure garage doors are closed at the end of the night. Whether the garage is attached or detached, it limits the invaders from finding other things to gain access to your home/garage.
  • Keep your blinds and drapes shut (even if you are home or not). Don’t allow intruders to easily see what’s inside your house. Drapes and blinds obscure a potential intruder’s view. If you enjoy natural light inside your home but don’t want to risk your safety, you can tint your window panes inexpensively.
  • Consider using a Safe to stash away any valuables at night or when not in use. Most intruders look for the easiest things to make money (jewelry, cash, collectibles).
  • Have someone come by regularly when you are traveling or away for long periods of time.