Calgary Infills Guide Builder – Inner City Infill Builder in Calgary

A Are you looking for an inner-city custom home builder in the city of Calgary? Meet Alex, owner/operator of Alex uses techniques that combine European craftsmanship with modern design and custom built homes to your exact specifications. They pride themselves on quick and responsive communication, attentive service, and the highest quality workmanship without any detail spared.

V Alex’s vision for his builds: Modern, affordable, uniqueness and timely. Their services that they provide: New Home Development, Design Execution, New Build Selections, Large-Scale Renovations, Garage Suites (Also known as Backyard Suites, Carriage Suites, Mother-in-Law Suites), and Commercial renovations.
C Communities that Alex with has built in the past include: Killarney, Winston Heights, Rosscarrock, Mount Pleasant and Renfrew. Other partnerships and projects located in Edmonton and Red Deer.
P Projects that has done in the past range from Single Detached Homes, Semi-Detached (Duplex), Multifamily (Fourplex), Laneway Homes (AKA Garage Suites, Backyard Suites, Carriage Suites), Townhomes (Row and 8-Plex), Commercial and Large Renovation projects. Future projects include an 8plex project in the community of Glenbrook, and a Suited Fourplex (also 8 units) in Rosscarrock.
C Contact us at to learn more about current and future projects.